Illustration in pastel colours of Paddye Mann's studio and shop in Pakenham created by artist Colin White.

Paddye Mann (RCA) was born and raised in Newfoundland. For over 30 years she has chosen to work with her talented long term team from the rural village of Pakenham, Ontario.

Her passion has always been to produce beautifully made, custom clothing - taking the time and care learned from her mentors in Newfoundland. This focus has earned Paddye and her company loyal clients, national awards and a fellowship in the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts.

Paddye has a unique philosophy about why we dress the way we do and why it’s so very important to get to know the hands who make those garments. Paddye, her team and her clients are often all engaged in the creative process.

Paddye personally designs each piece of clothing for her clients. The design process goes hand-in-hand with getting acquainted and building a relationship. Each garment is made-to-measure in her studio by Paddye and her team. Some of the most unique work is painstakingly hand sewn. Great care is taken with the fit, construction, and sewing – the product is always a reflection of you.

Paddye’s garments reflect each woman’s unique personality in a comfortable way. The clothes are appropriate and celebratory. At the end of the design and construction process, you will find the kinetics of beautifully fitted clothing: garments made for just for you.

Contact Paddye Mann to find out more about her unique clothing. Paddye and her team take the utmost care in everything they do. They are a happy bunch and love their work.

Paddye Mann (studio and shop) are located at 156 MacFarlane Street, Pakenham Ontario, Canada, K0A 2X0 Open weekdays from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. Call 1-613-624-5201 or email clothing @paddyemann.com to book an appointment