Hopes and dreams.

Hopes and Dreams

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I’m pretty excited about the ‘Hopes and Dreams’ Afternoon Gala Fundraiser – first in a long time and we finally get to contribute to our wonderful hospital. Many thanks to Sonia at E.R.Fisher for agreeing to show her wonderful men’s clothing, and Philip Craig for this most perfect invitation image. I would love to see my friends come out and …


Packing for at trip.

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This is how to pack for a two week trip. Fold your garments into rectangles and stand them up in your suitcase. This makes finding garments easy as you travel from place to place.

Silent Partners

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For years, I never really quite caught on to the comments about Paddye Mann’s naked ladies…….. And then I moved into the building across the back garden from my studio and shop!!! There they are, all lined up and ready for me to begin the next day’s work. I’ve been using these dress forms for over 30 years and they’ve …


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When I saw Robin Andrew’s (UnPosed Photography) photography I was completely taken by the clean images infused with imaginative good humour. Clothing is a language for me and I wanted the images of my work to communicate joy and well-being – my own version of classic with a twist. We had a lot of fun making these images and the …